Celebrating the Wheel of the Year


Celebrate Feminist Wicca in the Dianic tradition! Diana’s Grove is dedicated to celebrating quarterly public rituals for women in Northern California. The Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox rituals are traditionally held outdoors in Kenwood, while the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox rituals are held indoors in Graton.

Winter Solstice ~ Saturday, December 16th

at Graton Community Club in Graton. Ritual starts at 6pm.

Winter Solstice, the darkest point in the Wheel of the Year, is a time of transformation; the Hag stirs the Cauldron of Change, dreaming of rebirth, conceiving the return of the light. This year we enter the dark feeling keenly the chaos of Her stirring – the hills charred from She Who Dances Destruction roaring across our lands, consuming all in Her path. We are in mourning for the lives lost, the places and mementos; we will never be the same. We float in the aftermath of relentless, shocking loss and change as the rains of winter come and the hills green with new life. Like Phoenix rising, we come together to mourn our losses as we also celebrate the coming opportunities of rebirth – in the landscape, in our communities, and in our lives. Please join us!

Please read this before attending a Diana’s Grove ritual for the first time.

Suggested Donation $10-50. No one turned away for lack of funds. All women are welcome.

These are Dianic Wiccan Rituals for women only, and are celebratory and participatory.