Diana’s Grove of the Re-formed Congregation of the Goddess, Inc. incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit religious organization in the spring of 2014 (CCN 3668033; FEIN 47-4757349). Diana’s Grove was founded in 2006 to continue the tradition of public rituals for women in the Feminist Dianic tradition in Northern California.

Felicity Artemis Flowers, a founder of Circle of Aradia in Southern California with Ruth Barrett, moved north in the early 90’s and formed Circle of Artemis. Felicity began teaching classes, holding workshops and facilitating public rituals for women in the North Bay.

Raven Tree-Singing Woman, one of Felicity’s students, then took over teaching and high priestessing of the public rituals when Felicity moved out of the area. After many years of successful rituals and classes, Raven was Called to teach her Eclectic Tradition and stepped away from holding the public rituals for women. A group of her students, plus a couple of other experienced witches, stepped forward to keep the rituals going and Diana’s Grove was born.

Currently, Diana’s Grove consists of 11 women who, though they come from very diverse backgrounds in Dianic Wicca, all share the singular purpose of carrying on women’s public rituals in the North Bay.

The women of Diana’s Grove work by consensus and each ritual is facilitated by a temporary High Priestess who has volunteered to lead that particular ritual.

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