Learn more about Feminist Witchcraft in the Dianic Tradition

The Re-formed Congregation of the Goddess, International (RCG-I) is a multi-tradition women’s religion. Members embrace a variety of spiritual paths, the common element among them being a belief in female divinity and a commitment to positive spiritual practice.

The Women’s Thealogical Institute (WTI) is a multidimensional school and seminary for women who wish to further their understanding of the Goddess, women’s spirituality, and/or women’s witchcraft. Being a part of WTI lets women learn, practice, and share their spiritual work with others on similar paths. Interested in starting a WTI group in Northern California? Contact Debby.

Women’s Rites, Women’s Mysteries by Ruth Barrett is a must-have for those interested in celebrating Dianic Wiccan ritual.

The Spiral Dance by Starhawk is the classic tome for modern feminist paganism and Goddess worship.

Find a Women’s Circle: Find an event, either local or online, courses, retreats, and more. Over 1700 Women’s Circles and events listed all over the world in this free online resource!




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